Online Mixing:

700 DKK. per. song (for songs up to 30 tracks)

1000 DKK per. song (for songs above 30 tracks)



400 DKK per. track

Recording, mixing, and mastering of EP (5-6 songs):

6000 DKK in total

Recording, mixing, and mastering of one song:

2000 DKK in total

Full band recording:

2000 DKK per. day

Recording of vocals or solo instrument:

400 DKK per. hour

All prices are VAT inclusive.

We also design cover art for EPs and single releases.

If you have other requests just send us an email, and we will give you a great price!

Broken Records Gear

Recording gear:


Soundcraft 8000 mixing console (used for tracking)

Gyratec II Tube Preamp

MS HOL (LA2A) stereo compressor

1176 stereo compressor

2x Klark Teknik Tube Equaliser

M-Patch 2

S-Patch Plus

4x Apogee Ensemble

1x Focusrite clarett8pre

1 RME Digiface

2x Yamaha HS 8

2x Prodipe Pro 8

Revox A77 Reel to reel tape machine

Nakamachi BX-300 tapedeck



Blue Kiwi

sE 2200t

Slate ML-1

5x Slate ML-2

4x Røde NT5

Shure Sm7b

Shure Beta 52A

5x Shure Sm57

5x Shure Sm 58



DAW and Plugins:

Logic Pro X

iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced

iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced

iZotope Nectar 2

iZotope Nectar 3

Slate Virtual Microphones

All Slate plugins

Slate Trigger 2

Lexicon Reverb

All Soundtoys plugins ​



Silvertone 1483

Fender Twin Reverb

Lehnert Rambler

Fender Bassman Silverface

Fender Blues Junior Custom Shop